Friday, June 1, 2012


It's amazing to me how time goes by so quickly! It feels like just yesterday was Febuarary and I was starting my new job. Today is the first day of June, which to me means almost SUMMER time!! It's my favorite season of the year. I love the hot summer days,warm starry bon fire nights, swimming in the lakes and fishing! 

Besides it meaning it's almost summertime;today is my little sisters Senior Prom Day!! June 5th is Deans' Birthday and then on June16th is her graduation!! I feel like this month is always jammed pack with exciting  events and things to do.

Every June for the past three years I go camping two hours back on a dirt road in montanna for the last two weeks of June! This year however Dean's going without me. :(  Since I just started my new job 3 1/2months ago I don't get vacation pay yet. And considering I just purchased a house in September, I don't really have the funds to take two weeks off. All the money we're saving is going into projects around the house! Dean and his bestfriend are going back packing around Montanna deep in the woods and on the across the rivers. I'm sure he is going to run into a bear or two. Considering last year in the car we saw at least 4 of them on the dirt road.

Dean with our furr child Asa in Montanna last year!

Oh one more exciting piece of news!! This is the month my chickens (cross your fingers) should start laying eggs!!

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