Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Sorry I havent checked in, in forever. We've been getting lots of projects accomplished outside. We've fenced in our entire chicken area and its run area so that they have extra protection and then we can let the dogs run outside and know that they are safe.

We've also had to put down our Rottweiler Moose. It's been very sad and quiet around our house. Poor Asa is now very lonely as well, he's glad to have his toys and bones back but he misses his companion. I've always believed in adoption and giving dogs second chances and I still do. However moose has taught me a lot over the last year. I also know we gave him a wonderful year; we took him on a road trip to Oregon to play in the ocean spent everyday playing on our large property and shared many nights snuggled on the couch which is what he loved. These are the wonderful memories i will always cherish.
Ive learned that some dogs just can't be changed know matter how many people and behaviorists you work with. I wish people would know just how important it is to socialize, train and treat animals, they aren't just objects. However when I'm ready I will adopt again because I know there are more animals out there who need our help and love.
Sorry for the rant I'm still angry with his previous two owners.