Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chicken Run!!!

So my three little silkie chicks are still in a rubbermaid tub in the garage; as they are still too little to join the rest of our flock! I'm afraid they wouldn't survive the pecking order.  However to my HORROR I opened my garage door the other evening to check on them and I found all three standing on my garage floor!! The only explanation I have for this is they discovered how to climb onto their food/water dish and jump (possibly fly) out of their tub. All three of them were standing right next to eachother still as could be! They looked shocked like they had been caught red handed. This image is the closest depiction of what I witnessed!

If I wasn't in such a frantic mode to scoop them all up before they weaved their way through hiding spots I would have loved to taken my own picture! It was priceless! Dean however did not find it to be so amusing! As he yelled, "They pooped all over my garage! Theres chicken sh*t in my garage!" I couldn't help but to laugh hysterically at the whole situation.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Attack of the Moss!!

Dean (AKA Hunny) and I have been working hard to rid our yard of Moss!!! The stuff invested our yard and since this is the first summer/spring in our home; were working to make it dissapear! Yesterday we raked and raked the moss out of grass. It never seemed to end! This is going to be an on going process and I want to invest in a thatcher; however were still safing up for our riding lawn mower. Then I want to get a thatcher that will attacher to the mower!! Hopefully sooner than later! ;)

No Joke this is how much moss we gathered from a small section of our front yard! Unfortunately I didn't take a picture so this is the closest I could find on the web!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Here are some of the picture of my chickens and the coop that I promised to post!
 My Rhode Island Reds and Plymouth Rock at one week!

 Here's my sweetie putting the finishing touches on the Chicken Coop!!

 Here are my Rhode Island and Plymouth Rock at 8 weeks and the first time being outside!

Here is my little fluff ball chicken, they are silkies so the have hair on their legs/feet and an extra fifth toe!


My two favorite flowers are Peonies and Dahlia's!!! My mom got me these Peonies as a thank you for helping her with my sisters wedding last weekend. Which I will talk about on my next post!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wow... It's been a while!!

So I know I made myself a vow to stay constant with my blog with regular updated posts. Though, with this new career path I've taken plus my second job at night. I've found hardly anytime to even keep up with my dishes.

So to update everyone a little I convinced my lovely boyfriend to build me a chicken coop!! One night during bed I radomly said to him "I want chickens!" His face was priceless he had both a confused a shocked look on his face. None the less I proved to him I was insistant and wasn't going to back down. I made the an argument how I only buy brown organic eggs, so why not have my own laying hens. I was planning to only get two Rhode Island Reds and two Plymouth Rock Barrens, however by the time I left my local farm & feed store I walked away with three of each.

Over time I've become a huge fan of poultry and find the stinking adorable and cute so in April I added two Khaki Campell duckling and in May I added three Silkies; 2 Buff and 1 Black. For now my flock is complete and I'm having a blast with them all. My Rhode Islands and Plymouth Rock Barrens should begin to lay sometime this June and I can't wait!!

*Pictures to come, my computer doesn't want to upload them!