Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun outside!

The boys left this weekend for Montana, which meant I spent a lot of time with my furry/feathery friends. I loved watching the ducks play in their little pool yesterday. I'm going to try posting the video later on my other computer at home. I can't get this one to load it. :(

Friday I also let my little silkie chicks run free for a little while for the first time! They loved their little extra freedom I gave them. They enjoyed eating the grass(weeds), eating bugs and the black one especially enjoyed chasing an ant! I have a funny feeling that the black silkie may just be a rooster, which Dean has always said "No Roosters!," however he's the one who picked out that little black guy!;) I'm secretly hoping he is!

So since Dean was gone all yesterday and I actually didn't have to work for once, nor did I have any plans or obligations. My four legged boys and I hung out on the couch for majority of the day. It was nice relaxing together, actually enjoying a couple cups of coffee and just snuggling with my babies. Usually I'm the type of person who's go go go! But not yesterday!
Here's by boys snuggling on their favorite love seat!

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