Monday, April 8, 2013

Loving the spring!

This spring feels completely different, it's our second spring here in our house and its already changed a lot. Our flowers are blooming that we planted last year which is always amazing to watch. Our plum tree and blueberries are also looking amazing.

It's also been a year since we've started raising chickens. We've been getting an abundance of eggs everyday. Last week I even got my first duck egg! And yesterday I got my very first silky egg, they turn a year next week. :)

The first picture is of my khaki Campbell egg and the second Is a silky egg between my two Rhode Island eggs. It's amazing how small the silky egg is.


  1. I love my duck eggs... so great to eat & bake with.

  2. Small but good. I have heard great things about duck eggs. I, on the other hand have goose eggs. That is just too much egg for me. Even for baking : )