Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's freezing!!

I'm stuck outside! While I was at work Dean decided to self clean the oven. While that's wonderful he wanted to make my oven sparkly clean and all, I'm now stuck outside freezing my toosh off! The house is smoking and smells terrible! And there's another three hours to go!

I know I could just leave and go somewhere but I just wanna stay and hang with my animals. So I'm sitting outside plotting my garden bed layout. We just finished yesterday building and filling our garden beds. I'm so excited to grow my will first garden. Last spring and summer we were so busy doing work around the house, since it was our first summer here that we were to busy to build an actual garden site. Hoping this summer will be decent for some fresh home grown produce!


  1. Its almost time for us to plant our garden... I cant wait.

  2. Oh no! Should have picked a warmer day. I too would have had to leave. Can't stand those smells. Hope to see pics of your garden soon.