Monday, February 18, 2013


Ok so I know it's been a very long time since I posted on my blog. I had something very difficult happen and haven't felt like posting and am not quite ready to write about it. However something wonderful happen today! I met my Prancer and this time he really is a Prancer!! The funny thing is when I first reserved him I thought he was a girl and a couple weeks later I was told he was a boy. They asked if I still wanted him and after watching him grow from day one on the breeders blog I was already in love with him so of course i still wanted him the gender didn't really matter to me. The wonderful thing is Prancer was born on Christmas Eve, so Prancer fit him perfectly. There were seven in his litter him being a REW and the rest being black. MJ the breeder did a wonderful job with her first litter and I can tell she truly cared for Prancer. He is a wonderful boy and has already adjusted nicely, Asa my lab and him are already becoming friends.

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  1. It is good to hear that he has already adjusted so well and is getting all the attention he deserves. I'm so excited for you!