Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mr. Speedy

A miracle happened this morning. I must warn you this story may be a little long. It all started last night when I let my two dogs out. I went outside as it was a beautiful clear night, I noticed my lab running back and forth beside my chicken run and lots of chickens squawking. I knew something was wrong as they should have all been quiet inside their house; I had not locked the door yet as I had just gotten home. But then I saw one of my lil buff silkies running outside its run. My brain went crazy I knew my lab probably wouldn't purposefully hurt him, my Rottweiler on the other hand not so sure. He's just way bigger then this two pound itty bitty. And of course my Rottweiler showed up before I could catch him. Moose pinned the poor thing and as I was grabbing my lab away from Moose and the silky and Moose moved underneath the tree and I was unable to stop him.

The noise I heard was horrifying and I was so upset . And then it was silent and moose came back inside. I locked myself in my room til Dean got him I was so upset that I wasn't able to do anything.

Well when Dean got home he asked if I looked to make sure it was dead and I said yes I couldn't find him; then he made the comment "did you see feathers?" I said no but retold him the whole story, we both went outside looking for him and couldn't find him he said he probably escaped into the wood through our outer fencing holes. And that he'll either die out there from injuries or he'll be back in the morning.

Well I woke up at the crack of dawn went outside and what did I see but Mr. Speedy running back and forth beside the run trying to get back in!!! I was do relieved and happy, I held that little man and told him just his happy I was. This story just proves to anyone who thinks chickens are stupid they are wrong, Speedy knew to run and hide in the woods til morning. Also there wasn't a scratch on him nor a feather missing! Apparently my Moose is more gentle then I thought. To think he survived Moose last night and a Bobcat in September I would say he's one lucky chicken.

By the way I did discovered how he got out, an animal tried to dig a hole and made it just big enough for Speedy to get out, I don't think he ever will again.

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