Monday, October 8, 2012

New addition

So we experience our first tragedy two week ago on our little property. A neighborhood bobcat managed to squeeze her way into our large coop that we though we did a great job of keeping it predator proof. However she managed to open the bottom of our door about 6inches or so. In the chaos she managed to kill my lovely crested khaki Campbell and my best layer Rhode island red. Luckily the rest all managed to get to safety in time.

The way she manage to get into our coop she couldn't get out with the help of Dean. In the end though I've been dealing with a lonely Khaki Campbell the last week. Luckily this Saturday I was able to find a five week old female. My duck is now happy  again and a huge burden has been lifted. I was always feeling so bad for him that I was spending lots of extra time with him.

Here's the couple now both happily following each other!

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  1. what a sad tragedy :( that's the part of farm life I still have a hard time adjusting too. Loses never get easier. So glad you found a companion, no one should be lonely after such a loss.